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Just Received My First Mt Baker Vapor with free shipping service

For nearly two years now my wife has been encouraging me to quit smoking and curb my bad habit once and for all. However, despite her constant badgering I have yet to have fully kicked my habit. The truth is, I really enjoy that calming feeling that is associated with the use of nicotine, sure I could do without the risk of lung cancer, or the smoker’s cough but as someone who has been smoking cigarettes since the age of sixteen quitting isn’t as easy as one would hope.

A coworker friend of mine told me about this phenomenal knew product known as eLiquid, specifically Mt Baker Brand. At first it seemed like a to good to be true miracle product, but he let me try a taste of his eJuice electronic cigarette and I was suddenly hooked… literally. As soon as I got home, I was surfing the web looking for Mt Baker Products. The only place where I could get them was on the official Mt Baker website.

Get A Free Sample With Your Exclusive Mt Baker Coupon

When I started browsing the Mt Baker retail site, I was amazed by the variety of flavors that were available to me. There, were so many options I just couldn’t make up my mind. At the time they were offering an exclusive Mt Baker coupon for their newest flavors, so I took advantage and ordered Amaretto Juice, and Bacon Flavor. Yes, you heard me Bacon flavor! I couldn’t believe it, I thought that this was some sort of miracle product. I couldn’t wait for my free sample to arrive.

Exactly two weeks later, I was sitting on my porch inhaling the sweet flavor of Bacon and Amaretto eLiquid through my brand new electronic cigarette. I jokingly told my wife that I had “a new addiction.”

In order to pay my buddy back for introducing me to this fantastic product, I hit up the Mt Baker website once more and took advantage of their free shipping offer, ordering a fresh variety of flavors for us to try. Now we casually enjoy a Mt Bakers cigarette on our lunch break, almost every single day. The good news? I am smoking less “technically” and enjoying a variety of unique flavors. Instead of inhaling harmful cigarettes I am enjoying a calming nicotine buzz without any of the negative effects.

As for the wife, she considers my new habit to be a fair compromise. Instead of nagging me about how unhealthy cigarettes are, she is constantly on my case about how much money I spend on the eLiquid flavors; I guess you can’t please everyone.

Get Your Own Mt Baker Free Sample

If you haven’t heard about eJuice and electronic cigarettes take my word for it there is no better quality then Mt Baker, the original ejuice supplier. They have many great incentives for first time customers including coupons, free shipping and a free sample. The people at Mt Baker stand behind their product and guarantee satisfaction or your money back. They are the dominating brand in the ejuice industry and provide only the highest quality nicotine infused vaporizing juice.

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