Mt Baker Vapor – Best Flavors and Prices

Mount Baker Vapor is a website I was initially hooked on because of the original and modern look of its interface. After all, electronic cigarettes are supposed to be cool products, and this site has the exact look to give that impression. Right from my first visit, I knew that MBV wasn’t only an online website selling products for profit, but actually a brand involved in some events and looking to promote a certain message. I totally wasn’t aware that there was an annual convention for these kinds of e-cigarette products, but apparently there is and Mt Baker Vapor seems to be attending with great buzz. They’re obviously eager to make some new people try their products.

Mt Baker Vapor best flavors

Which brings me to the best flavors offered by Mt Baker Vapor. They’re absolutely the best I’ve tried so far and their selection is so wide it’s insane. I particularly liked their Black Clove juice which is their own special blend, but there’s so much more too. Would you believe me if I told you that you could get juice in flavors like “Razzleberry Pie”, “Banana Split” and “Blood Orange”? It’s these kinds of blends and names that make me enjoy this site and motivate me to order on a regular basis. My friends weren’t really into e-cigarettes before, but since I’ve been coming up to them with a new thing to try every couple of weeks, they’ve developed a taste for it.

Mt Baker Vapor customer reviews

The Mt Baker Vapor customer reviews support what I’m advancing here – the site is enjoyable to use and what you get in the box represents accurately what you ordered. On social networks, Mt Baker Vapor is also present and that adds the kind of transparency I’m looking for with these kinds of products. With over 10 000 likes, they’re keeping up to date with everything going on in the “vaping world” (that’s how they call it) and provide a few tips along the way. Customers feel happy and enjoy the service. Many comments state that Mt Baker Vapor offers the best flavors as well.

Mt Baker Vapor coupon

On top of some of the best prices around, the site issues some Mt Baker Vapor coupons on a regular basis to allow you to save even more. Another cool fact to consider is that with every order over $15 (and that’s basically any order), you get a free e juice shot. It’s a nice touch that I hadn’t seen on other websites. Mt Baker Vapor coupon or not, you generally get to save in one way or another compared to other websites.

In conclusion, the Mt Baker Vapor looks to be on top of their game when it comes to providing e-cigarette products and making a positive impact in the world with this new trend.

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